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About Turkey

General Overview of Turkish Health Sector

Population: 72 million
Income per Capita: 11,900 $
Average life span: 71/75 years
Total health expense: 5.6% of the gross national product
Health expense per capita: 452 $

Number of beds at hospitals

State: 1,350 / 190,185
Private: 375 / 40,000

Number of doctors & health personnel

State: Physicians 25.886 Nurses 99.910
Private: Physicians 18.786 Nurses 15.735
University: Physicians 11.562 Nurses 14.153
Other: Medical Doctors 739

Turkey’s Role in Health Tourism

Turkey stands as a candidate to become one of the lead actors in the world market with her features such as price-quality ratio, hospitals with international standards, qualified and experienced personnel.

Health tourism may be considered as one of the outcomes of the globalization process that developed rapidly all over the world. Now, when people try to solve their problems, not only do they consider the doctors or prices at home but also the best solution/price ratio, and they take actions after that. The sector has become a branch of tourism triggered and accelerated by the EU negotiation process, due to the long queues, high costs and the quality of service at hospitals.

Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Albania and the United Kingdom may be counted among the countries which lionize Turkey. Turkey welcomes an average of 200.000 health tourists every year.

The infrastructure of the private and some state hospitals at world standards, qualifications and experience of the health providers, firstly doctors, price advantages in comparison to other countries that bear the same features, unique natural and historical beauties make up of Turkey’s pluses in health tourism.

Turkey’s biggest advantage in this sector is the prices! For instance, while the price of a dental treatment changes between 5.000-7.000 Euros in Europe, this figure is about 1.500 Euros in Turkey.

Turkey, which is one of the three richest countries in terms of hot spring water sources and thermal tourism over the world, is working hard to make use of these invaluable resources in the most accurate and efficient way possible.

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