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General Information about Medicana Health Group


Among pioneers of private hospital business in Turkey, Medicana Health Group sustains the progression on the way to determine standards of future healthcare services, thanks to the growth strategy aiming to involve all regions of Turkey as well as constant investments and advances made to reinforce our strategy.

Medicana Health Group offers healthcare services, in all affiliated hospitals and private healthcare facilities, in full compliance with internationally recognized healthcare standards and at quality level of world's leader healthcare facilities. All our healthcare services are provided via our modern and up-to-date infrastructure originating from adapting all technological advances in order to reach aforementioned quality level and to sustain success, and healthcare team who constantly and closely monitors all advances and innovations in relevant fields in order to reinforce their specialism.

Our healthcare facilities chain, which is recognized as one of limited number of private healthcare investments worldwide, is comprised of 7 general purpose hospitals, including Medicana International Istanbul and Medicana International Ankara, and 2 dental care hospitals and we are proud to offer 7/24 healthcare service at high quality level in all departments.

Our ultimate target is to constantly improve healthcare services, complying with standards of European Union, and remarkable customer satisfaction level at out hospitals which are subjects to inspections by Joint Commission International (JCI) representing international quality standards.

We will surely continue our efforts to make your smile permanent.

We wish a healthy, quality and good life...

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a healthcare facility which is recognized in international arena, offers contemporary healthcare services at international standards, closely monitors and pioneers innovations and is modeled by other healthcare facilities. We also aim to healthcare facilities chain which offers highest quality and equal healthcare services to all patients at local and international settings and fulfills all expectations of patients and where all patients feels safe.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offers high quality healthcare services to all social segments serve our country by creating employment opportunities in healthcare sector and ensure continuous development of our personnel and make them work in a happy and safe working environment.

Quality Travel of Medicana

Accreditation standards for healthcare sector focuses on perfect care of patient. The best benefit is to ensure patient's safety. Standards prevent patients being damaged due to the devices, medications or applications used throughout the treatment and ensure the most recent, updated and evidence-based applications.

Except the standards on patient admission, assessment and care, there are also standards on the infection control, facility management, risk management, employee trainings and qualities, general management, quality improvement and information management.

In short, accreditation includes patients, service environments for patients and service providers. Therefore, patients are provided the safest and the best quality service in the institutions operating in compliance with the accreditation standards. The employee rights are protected; continuous development and training is taken into consideration. Administration style, organizational chart and terms of references are determined. Studies are carried out in order to improve the quality and to sustain development. The target is unconditional patient satisfaction and all practices are patient-oriented.

Joint Commission International (JCI), one of a few institutions granting an international accreditation document in healthcare sector, has been recently accrediting the healthcare institutions in our country. Having a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Health, the standards mandated by JCI are globally regarded as the gold standards of healthcare.

Medicana Group of Hospitals started the accreditation studies by establishing the Quality Management Department in line with the JCI standards. Bahcelievler and Camlica Hospitals were included in the program at baseline and then Camlica Hospital and Bahcelievler Hospital were accredited on October 2007 and May 2008, respectively. In 2009, Medicana International Istanbul and Medicana International Ankara hospitals were accredited. In 2010, Medicana Camlica Hospital was reaccredited and the re-accreditation processes were started for other hospitals of our Group.

Following the first accreditation practices, the employees of the Medicana Hospitals Group participated to tens of trainings on primarily patient safety for the sake of continuous improvement philosophy and they translated knowledge into practice. Currently, Medicana Hospitals are providing healthcare services above international standards in various fields such as Infection Control, Patient Care, Risk Management, Patient Safety, Personnel Qualifications and Information Management. Our aim is to maximize the patient-oriented practices and to ensure continuous improvements.

Joint Commission International Accreditation
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