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Pioneer Works of Medicana Health Group in Health Tourism

The growth in aged people population, high quality and economical prices compared with European countries make Turkey advantageous about being the “health base” of the region among Asian countries such as India, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Thanks to its strategic location, Turkey has a very good advantage as being close both to Europe and Middle East and Balkan countries.

With its quality service in Turkey, it became one of the favorite countries in health tourism. The success of our doctors, the quality of our health corporations, being more economical in terms of logistics and medical charges are our important advantages when compared with other countries in health tourism.

Medicana Hospitals Group treats patient from Middle East, Middle Asia, Balkans and Europe as well as Turkey by giving service in internationals standards in areas from heart surgery to in-vito fertilization center, from advanced cancer treatment to cosmetology, from brain surgery to organ transplant, from hemodialysis to knee joint disorders and neurology in hospitals accredited by JCI.

Medicana Health Group is now exporting its medical knowledge and experience to developing countries. While planning the investments the Group examines the medically developing countries such as Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Balkan countries, Syria, Iraq, Algeria and Lebanon and coordinating strategic cooperation to convey this knowledge.

Medicana Hospitals Group shares the opportunities for treatment and care of the hospitals belonging to Medicana Hospitals Group and developments in Turkish health sector by participating in international organizations held in different countries of the world as to conduct necessary works for placing Turkey in a well deserved position in World Medical Tourism market.

Joint Commission International Accreditation
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