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Medicana Avcılar Hospital


Medicana Avcılar Hospital was established in 1995. Having an indoor area of 9 thousand square meters and capacity of 100 beds, our hospital has fully equipped 4 operating rooms, which hosts all contemporary requirements and technologies, and 15-bed intensive care unit. All patient records and other medical data are tracked with advanced computer systems and software in Medicana Avcilar, as it s the case in all Medicana Hospitals.

Top level service is provided for special branches like cardiology and hemodialysis. Every kinds of orthopedic and micro surgery operations are carried out with advanced opportunities therefore our hospital is one of the leading centers in the sector. In patient rooms all and every kind of infrastructure and comfort are available which are requirements of modern hospitals and services and also there is a doctor on call for 24 hours; therefore the quality of Medicana is never interrupted on this main branches.

Joint Commission International Accreditation
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