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Medicana Samsun Hospital


Healthcare Base of the Black Sea

Medicana Healthcare Group offers experience over 20 years, expertise and service quality in line with international standards to the service of people living in Samsun and Black Sea in Medicana Samsun Hospital, which is the 8th ring of the chain.

Having been built as the biggest private hospital in the region with a capacity of 200 beds on an indoor area of 30.000 square meters, Medicana Samsun Hospital provides international healthcare services using latest technology and treatment environment that gives priority to comfort and patient privacy and experienced doctors with proven successes.

Thanks to the agreements made with Social Security Institution for each branch, it has the superiority to provide the service of international quality with the latest technological opportunities in comfortable places over a similar price to the private hospitals around.

Having 70 million dollar investment value, Medicana Samsun Hospital was designed such that it meets the healthcare requirements of the countries in the region while being planned as the health base of the Black Sea Region.

Private Medicana Samsun Hospital is determined to be beneficial to the society in providing the correct, reliable medical service, informing patients clearly, maintaining patients’ health not only in the diagnosis and treatment phase but also afterwards by integrating the modern technical equipment with the current medical approach.

Our hospital’s priority is to provide high quality healthcare services for 24 hours 7 days and to ensure the patient safety and sustainability and integrity of the services.

Joint Commission International Accreditation
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