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Medicana Health Group hit the headlines in Multifestijn, the major festival of Europe.


Being pioneering members of privately owned hospitals in Turkey, Medicana Health Group participated to the major cultural expedition of Europe, Multifestjin 2012, which was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on 31 May – 2 June and our group had contributed to advertising Turkey in the field of health tourism

Seventh expedition was held in Ahoy, the world’s most famous congress center, and Medicana Health Group participated to the largest-scale Turkish fair in Europe, where 11 countries are involved. Participants from different countries had a tremendous interest to the stand, where detailed information is given about hospital working under umbrella of Medicana  Health Group, which is recognized as one of  well known healthcare investments worldwide and works in full harmony with international standards.

Mr. Reha Özkaya, General Coordinator of Medicana Health Group, opened the stand of Medicana Health Group, which was managed by Mr. Necdet Kandemir, International Marketing and Operations Director of Medicana Health Group. President of CDA Party and accompanying delegations visited the stand in addition to valuable visitors from Turkey, the Netherland, Morocco, and Surinam and Turkic republics. The activity combined many different cultures and visiting the stand of Medicana health group, participants were very satisfied with the information about investments made for patients visiting Turkey for healthcare.


Joint Commission International Accreditation
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