Faculty of Medicine and Year of Graduation

Çapa Medical Faculty / 1991

Place and Year of Specialization Education

Istanbul University Çapa Faculty of Medicine / Department of Dermatology / 1992-1996

Professional Experience

Kolan Group

Ömür Group

Hayat Group

Şafak Hospital

Private Çapa Hospital

Private Çapa Millet Hospital

Güvencan Hospital

Güneş Hospital

Güney Hospital

Memorial Hospital

Mecidiyeköy Çevre Hospital

Private Bagcilar Hospital

Istanbul Hospital

Kent Hospital

Vatan Hospital

Medical Area of Interests


Hair Diseases (Hair Loss, Hair Breaking, Hair Drops Eczema)

Fungal Diseases


Eczema (Adult, Baby) Hand Foot, Hair Eczema

Early Diagnosis and Treatment in Skin Cancers

Diagnosis and Treatment Methods of Allergic Diseases

Hair Loss Treatment

Diagnosis and Treatment in Nail Diseases

Skin Disorders; Vitiligo Treatment, Skin Blemishes (Sun Spot, Pregnancy Spot)

Viral Rash Treatment such as Shingles, Chickenpox, Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.

Treatment of Acne (Pimples) and Scars.

Boils and Hair Root Inflammation Treatment.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases. (Genital Wart, Herpes, Molluscum, Syphilis)

Behçet's Disease, Aphthous Disease Treatment

Sweating Disorders And Body Odor Treatment.

Callus And Wart Treatment.

All Kinds of Itching; Insect & Pest Bite, Hives, Lice and Scabies Treatment.

Scalp Mesotherapy; Hair Loss and Thinning.

Youth Vaccine, Salmon DNA Application

Dermaroller Application.

Electrocauterization: Pyogenic Granuloma, Warts, Moles, Treatment Method by Burning.

Cryotherapy: Freezing Treatment Method for Warts, Molluscs, Moles and Calluses.


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