Faculty of Medicine and Year of Graduation

Ege University Faculty of Medicine-1998

Place and Year of Specialization Education

Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine-2003

Professional Experience

Private Avrasya Hospital-Internal Medicine Specialist, Deputy Chief Physician 1999-2004

Private Nisa Hospital-Internal Medicine Specialist 2004-2017

Mega Medipol University Hospital-Internal Medicine Specialist 2012

Biruni University Hospital-Internal Medicine Specialist, Chief Physician 2017-2018

Private Adana Hospital-Internal Diseases Specialist- Intensive Care Physician 2018

Aydın University Medical Park Hospital-Internal Diseases Specialist 2019-2020

Medicana International Istanbul Hospital 2020

Medical Area of Interests

All internal diseases

Primarily diabetes and hypertension

Hormonal and metabolic diseases

Rheumatic diseases

Cardiovascular diseases

Lung diseases

Infectious diseases

Blood diseases

Emergency internal diseases

Gastrointestinal system diseases

Kidney diseases etc.


Medical Second Opinion (MSO) Form
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