Organ Transplantation

What is Organ Transplantation?

The process of collecting and storing organs and tissues for people who have organ failure due to any reason, and transferring them to the patient from donors or cadavers in accordance with the provisions of the organ transplant law is called "organ transplantation". Organ transplants can be performed from a cadaver as well as from a living donor. Organs such as liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, corneas, muscle tissue, face and scalp, bones, upper respiratory tract, and small intestine are within the scope of transplantation.

Organ transplantation is currently the most effective treatment for many patients suffering from organ failure.

There are two types of procedures in organ transplantation:

Organ transplantation from a cadaver to a living person: Due to the insufficient level of organ donations, patients in need of organs are placed in a national ranking system depending on the urgency of their condition. If there is a compatibility with the blood type and tissues, the decision of transplantation is made. The organ which is found to be suitable is brought within a maximum of 4 to 12 hours under appropriate storage conditions to the center where the transplant will be performed and the procedure is carried out by the organ transplant team in the center.

Organ transplantation from a living donor: It is performed between the donors who accept to donate living organs for patients with end-stage renal failure in need of transplantation and the patients. In order to determine whether the donor candidate is a suitable donor, tests for the tissue compatibility and blood type are performed and the organ transplantation process is started after deciding that they can be a medically suitable donor.

In the last 30 years, most of the advances in medicine has been observed in the field of organ transplantation, and the greatest developments in the future are expected to occur in this field, as well. Turkey has an experience in the field of organ transplantation that can compete with the world. MEDICANA has been successfully serving in the field of organ transplantation with its expert medical personnel.

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