Uche from Nigeria was Referred to Prof. Zehra Füsun Tokatlı for Radiotherapy

Uchechukwu Daniel Agbai (briefly, Uche) was diagnosed with “nasopharyngeal sarcoma” at the hospital, where he presented in Nigeria, and he started searching another hospital, as the treatment started in his country did not help. Therefore, he presented to another hospital at homeland, and he was examined and informed that the initial diagnosis was incorrect and therefore, there was no response to the treatment. Uche recognized that the condition progressed and it should immediately be diagnosed, and he presented to our hospital in order to be started on treatment as soon as possible.

After his medical reports were reviewed, he was notified that he should quickly travel to Turkey and treatments should be started after missing examinations are done. When he visited our hospital, he had serious complaints, such as very severe headache, difficulty in breathing due to the tumor that was completely occluding the nasal cavity, difficulty in speaking, inability to eat meal and difficulty swallowing. The patient was first assessed by Prof. Mutlu Demiray, M.D., and he is informed that PET/CT (an advanced imaging modality) should be scanned to verify the diagnosis and the tumor should be biopsied. The patient was referred to Ahmet Bedri Özer, Professor of Otorhinolaryngology, for the biopsy. The biopsy material was examined by two different pathology laboratories. According to PET/CT and pathology data, a lymphoma was identified in nasopharynx and the tumor was measuring 11 cm in size along with liver, lymph node and bone metastases. The patient was urgently started on chemotherapy. Complaints remarkably regressed 2 days after the first session of chemotherapy, and breathing and speech problems were significantly relieved as the size of intranasal mass lesion was reduced. PET/CT was scanned after 6 cycles of “R-CHOP” protocol and high-dose Vitamin C and it was visualized that tumor and metastases disappeared. In the next phase, the patient was referred to Prof. Zehra Füsun Tokatlı, M.D., for radiotherapy. Patient received 18 sessions of IMRT to the primary tumor (nasopharynx), and thus, the treatment was completed. The patient is now happy to get healthy again and to travel back to the homeland.

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