Supplementary Food for Babies

In the first months, you breastfed your baby. Perhaps you have been looking forward to the time when they would grow up and start eating other foods. Nowadays, we recommend feeding babies exclusively with breast milk for the first 6 months. Most babies will be able to take solid foods with breast milk at about 6 months . Your doctor following the baby will tell you that you can switch to complementary foods at 6 months, depending on their developmental characteristics.

How can you tell when the baby is ready to consume solid foods?

•Now, what you eat has started to attract the attention of the baby, and they may even reach out and try to grab what is on the plate or in your hand.

•They do not push the food or spoon in their mouth with their tongue.

•They do not gag when a toy or spoon is put into their mouth.

•They are able to sit upright, even though it is with support.

What should be considered when switching to supplementary food?

•If the baby is tired, do not try to feed them if they are not happy.

•Try one new food at a time. Thus, you can easily identify a food that causes an allergy.

•Start with small amounts, and increase gradually. Your baby will tell you when they had enough, so don't force them.

•Take a break for 1-2 weeks from a rejected food and then try again.

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