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Nuclear Medicine

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PET CT Discovery IQ

PET CT Discovery IQ that is used in our Nuclear Medicine Department provides patients and physicians with advantages that are based on cutting-edge technology. The device,

* Maximizes patient comfort due to shorter scanning time.

* Offers opportunity of diagnosis and staging the lesion that measure below half millimeter in size accurately based on very detailed imaging ability.

PET/CT is a technology that is used to determine the extent of spreading of tumor to the body after the cancer is diagnosed and to determine the response of the cancer to the chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy; it is also efficiently used in determining regional recurrence or distant metastasis after the treatment is completed.

Gamma Camera

Gamma camera, also known as scintillation camera, creates images by gaining photons emitted in radioactive imaging.

GAMMA CAMERA is a device that takes photograph of an organ, which is given radioactive isotope in advance, using gamma rays. A radioactive material is placed into the organism beforehand. After the material is placed in the organ (brain, liver, lung, and kidney) that will be examined, gamma camera is directed to the organ that will be imaged. A large sodium iodide crystal, multiple photomultipliers, an oscilloscope screen and an electronic circuit that coordinate them are found in the gamma camera. After the image appears on the screen, a photo is taken. Gamma Camera helps determining location and size of tumor found in thyroid gland, spleen, liver, lung and brain. Examination with Gamma Camera lasts several minutes.

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