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Hundreds of invasive cardiac procedures and 15.000 angiographies are performed every year in our units, where the leader physicians with academic title work. Our cardiology units are principally equipped by cutting edge devices to make diagnosis of, monitor and follow up heart diseases.

Coronary angiography, angioplasty and temporary or permanent pacemaker implantations as well as invasive radiology procedures not only save life of patients, but they also improve quality of life of patients.

Our loved ones are provided with life support in coronary, cardiovascular, general and neonatal intensive care units.

Modern cardiology laboratory

Invasive Cardiology Units of Medicana Health Group cooperate with international facilities in order to offer up-to-date procedures and modern technology to patients.

Medicana considers operational processes of the technological equipment used in invasive cardiology units of hospitals as a whole and focuses on the maximum health of the patient.

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