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Medicana Health Group Opens at Istanbul New Airport

Medicana Healthcare Group, one of Turkiye's pioneers in the private healthcare sector, continues to be a significant game-changer in the healthcare industry by providing healthcare services at international standards. With its academic staff, expert infrastructure, and innovative approach, Medicana is recognized as a reference healthcare center. With its 16 hospitals and significant investments in the healthcare sector, Medicana provides treatment opportunities to millions of patients. By establishing a new healthcare center at Istanbul Airport, which serves as the entry point to Istanbul for an average of 100 million passengers annually, Medicana aims to bring a new understanding to tourism and the healthcare sector. Medicana plans to expand its range of services daily to become the "World's Healthiest Airport" and ensure "Passenger Health and Safety" through collaborations and the healthcare services it provides.

Istanbul Airport, hosting over 250,000 passengers with over 1,400 flights daily, sees 70% of its passengers as foreign nationals. As the number of flights and passengers at Istanbul Airport continues to increase, Medicana Healthcare Group, known for its fast and operational healthcare services, has positioned an emergency command center at the Istanbul Airport AOCC (Airport Operation Control Center). This command center promptly handles all medical emergency calls during flights and within the terminal building, adhering to international standards. Furthermore, Medicana represents our country's healthcare system by offering emergency medical services, outpatient clinics, and infirmary services, catering to passenger health, and providing expert healthcare professionals for national and international civil aviation personnel, in line with Turkish hospitality. Positioned under the brand name Medicana Airport Medical Center, the Healthcare Center at Istanbul Airport provides emergency healthcare services to domestic and international patients and their relatives.

Through its air ambulance and medical flight services in the international medical transport network, Medicana offers stretcher transfer services, especially on scheduled flights. Its expert flight crew provides healthcare services to citizens of many countries. By expanding alternative medical transport services, Medicana promotes our country's health tourism goals in many countries. It aims to become a significant medical transfer center at Istanbul Airport and an international medical hub for intercontinental medical transfers for numerous patients and healthcare institutions. Medicana Airport Medical Center provides healthcare services with dedication and sensitivity to passengers and airport employees working in various areas, such as national and international airlines, passenger services, ground services, shopping and accommodation, and logistics services at Istanbul Airport.

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Istanbul Airport Meets Healthcare with Medicana Guarantee

Located at Istanbul Airport, known as Turkiye's gateway to the world, Medicana Airport Medical Center aims to add value to Turkiye and the global meeting point with its corporate values prioritizing quality, over 30 years of industry experience, and expertise.

With an understanding that embraces Istanbul's cosmopolitan fabric, Medicana Airport Medical Center provides round-the-clock service, considering the comfort of domestic and international patients and their relatives. With its modern architecture and a principle of friendly service, the center strives to ensure the well-being of passengers, maintaining a focus on their health.

The Reference Brand of Turkiye in Health is at the Point Where The World Meets

From the moment domestic and international visitors step foot in Istanbul, they experience the trust and comfort of receiving healthcare services from Turkiye's reference healthcare brand. Medicana Airport Medical Center combines its expertise in emergency healthcare services with comprehensive healthcare offerings. Designed with the fundamental quality approach of Medicana Healthcare Group, Medicana Airport Medical Center provides healthcare services to patients from various parts of the world while significantly contributing to our country's healthcare service exports.

Healthcare Service at Medicana Airport Medical Center:

  • Modern architecture,
  • Expert staff,
  • Emergency healthcare services,
  • Air ambulance and alternative medical transportation services,
  • Multidisciplinary services,
  • Medical consultation (Medical Assistance) services,

Where are We in Istanbul Airport?

  • Outpatient Clinic Services on the Departure Level
  • Apron Infirmary Services,
  • Buggy Ambulance Services in Terminal Building (5 Points),
  • Ground and Airside Ambulance Services (5 Points),

Medicana Airport Medical Center provides national and international patients with world-class first aid and emergency healthcare services.

Fast and Reliable Mobile Healthcare

Medicana Airport Medical Center, designed based on the core quality approach of Medicana Healthcare Group, encompasses doctors, nurses, healthcare personnel, and ambulance first aid teams ready to intervene in emergencies and are experts in their respective fields. Located at Istanbul Airport, Medicana Airport Medical Center's Call Center promptly addresses all healthcare needs and provides initial intervention to patients using mobile buggy ambulance teams within the terminal building.

Afterward, patients are stabilized in the outpatient clinics and infirmaries located on both the landside and airside of the airport. In necessary cases, ambulance teams stationed on both sides of the airport transfer patients whose clinical condition is appropriate to hospitals.

Healthcare services are delivered using EKG, defibrillator, aspirator, ventilator, audiometry, X-ray, and laboratory devices, as well as emergency assistance and transfer ambulances and buggy and mobile intervention vehicles within the airport premises.

Medicana Airport Medical Center Offers 24/7 Uninterrupted Service

Medicana Airport Medical Center, which is experienced in medical transport services, provides prompt and safe healthcare services to patients arriving from abroad. After initial intervention, the center ensures that the necessary healthcare services are delivered quickly and securely. In cases requiring patient transfer to hospitals, it achieves effective and fast results, ensuring the proper medical intervention is carried out accurately. By elevating the healthcare experience at the airport, the center shares its expertise in the healthcare sector while prioritizing patient and patient companion-oriented comfort. The center offers 24/7 emergency healthcare services, with its clinic structure promptly addressing all emergencies, is equipped with advanced technological devices, and is supported by a high-capacity and expert team.

About Medicana Group

Medicana Health Group, one of Turkiye's largest and most trusted brands in the healthcare sector since 1992, continues its activities with its 16 hospitals located in Istanbul, Ankara, Konya, Samsun, Sivas, Izmir, and Bursa, offering patients all the opportunities of modern medicine with its contemporary technological infrastructure, academic expert staff, and current management systems, maintaining its strong position in the private healthcare sector not only in Turkiye but also worldwide.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, Medicana established the Medicana Education Group with the understanding of "Educating the Whole Individual" and opened MBA (Medicana Science Academy) Schools. With its campuses located in many cities of Turkiye, Medicana Education Group continues to work towards becoming a leading educational institution in all educational chains.
Moreover, in the 2019-2020 academic year, Medicana Education Group invested in Turkiye's higher education by opening Fenerbahçe University for education and teaching.

Medicana Group continues to provide quality services in health and education, which will help our country develop and progress on strong foundations.

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