Patient And Family Rights

1. Right to Benefit from Health Services

Patients can benefit from healthcare services according to their needs, including activities that promote healthy living within the framework of justice and fairness principles and preventive healthcare services.

2. Right to Information

A patient has the right to request information on how to benefit from healthcare services. This right includes learning which healthcare facilities can be utilized under what conditions, understanding the various services and amenities offered by healthcare institutions, and becoming aware of the procedure for accessing healthcare services at the chosen facility. Patients have the right to know how to benefit from the healthcare services offered by the institution they apply to.

3. The Right to Choose and Change Healthcare Providers

Subject to compliance with the procedures and conditions prescribed by the relevant legislation, every individual has the right to choose their healthcare provider and to receive healthcare services from the provider they have selected. Patients can change their healthcare provider in compliance with the referral system established by the legislation. However, except for emergency cases, those affiliated with any social security institution who do not comply with the referral chain prescribed by the legislation are responsible for covering the cost difference.

4. The Right to Recognize, Select, and Change Personnel

Subject to compliance with the procedures and regulations established by the legislation, patients have the right to freely choose the personnel who will provide them with healthcare services, change their treating physician, and request consultations with other physicians. When exercising their rights to select personnel, change physicians, or request consultations, patients are responsible for covering the cost difference prescribed by the legislation.

5. Right to Request Priority Determination

In cases where the healthcare facility's service capabilities are inadequate or limited, resulting in the inability to promptly meet a patient's healthcare service request, the patient has the right to request that their priority be determined based on medical criteria and objectively established. The relevant legislation applies to determining the priority order for emergency and forensic cases and the elderly and disabled individuals.

6. Right to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Care by Medical Necessity

The patient has the right to request that their diagnosis be made and treated according to modern medical knowledge and technology requirements and to receive care accordingly. Diagnosis and treatment must be made on the principles of medicine and the provisions of the legislation related to medicine.

7. The Right to Refuse Medical Intervention Outside of Medical Necessity

Nothing can be done or requested that could lead to death or vital danger, violate bodily integrity, or diminish mental or physical resistance without the purpose of diagnosis, treatment, or protection. The right to euthanasia is prohibited. No one can renounce the right to life under any circumstance, whether for medical reasons or otherwise. Regardless of one's or someone else's request, no one's life can be terminated.

8. Right to Medical Care

Personnel shall provide medical care as required by the patient's condition. Even if it is impossible to save the patient's life or protect their health, attempting to reduce or relieve their suffering is mandatory.

9. Right to Obtain Information About Health Status

Individuals have the right to obtain information about the cause of their illness, how it will be treated, other treatment options, risks, complications of the disease and treatment, and how to access medical assistance when needed. In this context, they can review their medical records, request corrections to any errors, and request that some of their health data be kept confidential. The patient can also designate a family member or other chosen individual who can access their health data.

10. Right to Security

Everyone has the right to expect and demand to be in a secure environment in healthcare institutions.

11. The Right to Perform Religious Duties and Benefit from Religious Services

A religious official, by the patient's religious beliefs, may be invited upon request to provide spiritual guidance and support, provided that there are no disruptions to the institution's services, no disturbance to others, and no interference with any medical treatments conducted by personnel. Suitable time and location within healthcare facilities will be determined for this purpose.

12. Respect for Human Values, Right to Visit and Accompany

The patient has the right to benefit from healthcare services in a manner and environment that is aligned with their personal values. Acceptance of patient visitors shall be conducted according to the procedures and principles determined by the institution without causing any disturbance or behavior that may disrupt the peace and tranquility of other patients, and necessary measures shall be taken in this regard. The person designated as the patient's companion, by the legislation showing the working procedures and principles of the healthcare institution, shall be accepted as the caregiver.

13. Right to Legal Remedies

A Patient Rights Unit is established within healthcare institutions for the implementation of patient rights practices.

14. Right to Respect for Privacy

Respect for the privacy of the patient is essential. The patient can explicitly request the protection of their privacy. All medical interventions are carried out with respect for the patient's privacy.

15. As We Medicana Health Group;

  • We conduct medical evaluations related to the health status of our patients in confidentiality.
  • We perform examinations, diagnosis and treatment in a private setting.
  • We only allow the presence of a patient's designated caregiver.
  • We do not allow anyone who is not directly related to the patient's treatment to be present during medical interventions.
  • We do not interfere with the personal and family life of the patient unless required by the nature of the illness.
  • We keep the source of health expenditures confidential.


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