Medicana Cesme

Medicana Health Group, one of the pioneers of the Turkish private health sector, continues to grow with health. Medicana Health Group, where more than 4 million patients are treated annually with its 14 hospitals in Turkey and its significant investments in the health sector, will bring a brand new health understanding to the region and tourism with its new health center located in Çeşme, in the center of tourism.

As Medicana Health Group, after Medicana International İzmir Hospital, by creating a health ecosystem for the Aegean Region with Medicana Çeşme; We aimed to add value to the region with our corporate values, expertise and competence blended with experience.

We are at your service for the health of the region with its unique architecture and friendly service approach, designed in accordance with the texture of Çeşme, taking into account the comfort of patients and their relatives. Those living in Çeşme and its nearby geography, and local and foreign guests who prefer this region for their vacation, will experience the confidence and comfort of receiving quality service from a national health brand.

With our Medicana International İzmir Hospital, we will carry the holistic health service we offer to Çeşme and its surroundings with a qualified and expert perspective. Medicana Çeşme, built with the basic quality understanding of Medicana Health Group, besides multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment methods; It is at your service to add health to Çeşme's health with its patient safety, maximum comfortable patient rooms, polyclinic areas, diagnosis and diagnosis units.

Medicana Çeşme, which has a closed area of 3,500 square meters, was designed with the basic quality understanding of Medicana Health Group. The center, patient rooms, waiting and outpatient clinic areas, diagnosis and diagnosis units, where multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment methods are offered with patient safety, maximum comfort and quality, were designed based on the expectations of patients and their relatives.

Child Health and Diseases
General Surgery
Gynecology and Obstetrics
Orthopedics and Traumatology
Ear Nose Throat
Internal diseases
Chest Diseases

If you are coming from Alsancak Train Station;

You can reach Üçkuyular (Fahrettin Altay) square by tram and reach Medicana Çeşme with Çeşme Tourism Buses from the bus terminal located next to İzmir City Forest with a short walk from there.

If you are coming from İzmir bus station; 

It is possible to reach Medicana Çeşme by the fastest route by transferring from the bus station to Çeşme travel buses.

If you are coming from Adnan Menderes Airport;

It is possible to reach Medicana Çeşme by using the HAVAŞ buses departing from the airport and the shuttles to Çeşme.

If you are coming from the city center; 

You can reach Üçkuyular by metro from Basmane station and from there to Medicana Çeşme by walking from the bus terminal located next to İzmir City Forest by Çeşme Tourism Buses.

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