Medical School

Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, 2001

Post-Graduate Training

Marmara University, 2007

Professional Experience:

University of Pittsburgh Department of Otolaryngology (Clinical Observer), 2015

Bakırköy Training and Research Hospital (Specialist Physician), 2008-2013

Bakırköy Training and Research Hospital (Senior Resident), 2013-2014

Bakırköy Training and Research Hospital (Associate Professor), 2013-2020

Bakırköy Training and Research Hospital (Educational Coordinator), 2014-2020

University of Health Sciences (Professor), 2020-2023

Medical Areas of Interest:



Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

Special Experience:

Pediatric Airway Surgeries

Cochlear Implantation

Eustachian Tube Balloonplasty

Advanced Otological Surgeries

Endoscopic Skull Base Procedures

Allergy Skin Tests

Scientific Publications

A.Articles Published in International Refereed Journals

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European ENT Board Certification 2016

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