Medical School

Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine (English), 2007-2013

Post-Graduate Training

Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, 2016

Istanbul University Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital, 2019

Professional Experience

Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, 2013-2016

Istanbul University Ümraniye Training and Research Hospital, 2016-2023

Medical Interests

Brain Aneurysms

Brain Vascular Diseases and Surgeries

Brain and Skull Base Tumors

Lumbar and Cervical Disc Herniations

Non-surgical Pain Treatments

Pituitary Tumors

Cranial Shape Disorders

Pediatric Brain and Spinal Surgeries

Congenital Brain and Spinal Diseases

Hydrocephalus and Cerebral Fluid Pathways

Chiari Malformation (Cerebellar Herniation)

Head Injuries and Brain Hemorrhages

Spinal Canal Stenosis

Spinal Trauma, Fractures, and Dislocations

Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty

Spinal and Spinal Cord Tumors

Needle Treatments for the Spine

Scoliosis and Kyphosis

Specialized Experience

Neurovascular Surgery

Neuro-oncological Surgery

Brain Angiography

Endoscopic Pituitary Surgeries

Pain Treatment with Radiofrequency

Scientific Publications

Varol, E., Etli, M. U., Avci, F., Yaltirik, C. K., Ramazanoglu, A. F., Onen, M. R., & Naderi, S. (2022). Comparison of clinical and radiological results of dynamic and rigid instrumentation in degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis. Journal of Craniovertebral Junction & Spine, 13(3), 350.

Varol, E., Etli, M. U., Avcı, F., Ramazanoğlu, A. F., Aydın, S. O., Yaltırık, C. K., & Naderi, S. (2022). Can Posterior Midline Approach Provide Adequate Exposure for All Craniovertebral Junction Tumors?. World Neurosurgery, 161, e482-e487.

Varol, E., Gungor, A., & Akakin, A. (2022). Anatomical Structures of the DBS Surgery for Parkinson’s Disease. In The Handbook of Neuromodulation (2 Volume Set): Volme 1 (pp. 95-104). Nova Science Publishers, Inc..

Varol, E. The Effect of Fischer Grade and Lamina Terminalis Fenestration on Hydrocephalus In Patients With Bleeding Subarachnoidal Hemorrhage. HAYDARPAŞA NUMUNE MEDICAL JOURNAL, 63(4), 0-0.

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Aydın, S. O., Etli, M. U., Köylü, R. C., Varol, E., Yaltırık, C. K., & Ramazanoğlu, A. F. (2023). Factors Associated with Nontraumatic Spontaneous Subdural Hematomas in Pediatric Patients. Neuropediatrics, 54(04), 239-243.

Ramazanoglu, A. F., Sarikaya, C., Varol, E., Aydin, S. O., Etli, M. U., Avci, F., & Naderi, S. (2022). Surgical Treatment of Spinal Arachnoid Cysts: Cyst Excision or Fenestration?. Turk Neurosurg, 32(6), 1002-1006.

Sarikaya, C., Varol, E., Cakici, Y. E., & Naderİ, S. (2021). Acute Neurologic Deterioration in Mobile Spinal Schwannoma. World Neurosurgery, 146, 270-273.

Durmuş, Y. E., Kaval, B., Demirgil, B. T., Gökalp, E., Gurses, M. E., Varol, E., ... & Gungor, A. (2022). Dynamic Lateral Semisitting Position for Supracerebellar Approaches: Technical Note and Case Series. Operative Neurosurgery, 10-1227.

Koyuncuer, A., Varol, E., Serarslan Yağcioğlu, B., Bükte, Y., & Sakcı, Z. (2023). Cerebrospinal fluid‐dissemination of a ovarian clear cell carcinoma: A leptomeningial carcinomatosis with diagnostic challenges. Diagnostic Cytopathology.

Aydın, S. O., Etli, M. U., Sarikaya, C., Köylü, R. C., Varol, E., Ramazanoğlu, A. F., ... & Naderi, S. (2023). Spinal Schwannomas: A Proposal for a New Classification to Aid Surgical Planning. Journal of Neurological Surgery Part A: Central European Neurosurgery.

Ramazanoglu, A. F., Varol, E., Avci, F., Etli, M. U., Aydin, S., & Yaltirik, C. K. (2023). Peritumoural Oedema as a Predictor of Overall Survival for Patients with Posterior Fossa Metastases. Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons--Pakistan: JCPSP, 33(2), 136-140


Turkish Neurosurgical Society

Istanbul Medical Chamber

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