Faculty of Medicine and Year of Graduation

Gazi University Faculty of Medicine 1990

Place and Year of Specialization Education

Gazi University Faculty of Medicine Department of Psychiatry 1999

Professional Experience

Medicana International Ankara Hospital (Present)

Ufuk University Faculty of Medicine

Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine Institute of Neurological Sciences and Psychiatry, Neurological and Psychiatric Basic Sciences (Basic Neurological Sciences-Neuroscience) 

Kırıkkale University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, President and Project Coordinator (Related to school age adolescents and in various other fields)

Medical Area of Interests

Schizophrenia, mood disorders (depression, mania), anxiety disorders (panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.), adolescent and old age mental problems.

In addition, she attended supervised individual and group psychotherapy training with Leyla Zileli for 2 years and with other experienced therapists.


Medical Second Opinion (MSO) Form
✓ Valid