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Medicana Sivas Hospital started serving patients on January 2015 in order to deliver modern and quality healthcare service to Sivas and nearby cities. Medicana Sivas Hospital, one of 15 hospitals of Medicana Health Group, which hits the headlines with major investments on health sector, serves Sivas and surrounding region. The infrastructure is present to render and deliver services in line with international patient care standards, state-of-the-art devices and a large team of academic personnel.  Patients are served in all departments, including 24/7 Emergency Medicine, Dialysis, Medical Oncology, Tertiary General Intensive Care Unit and Tertiary Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, with modern diagnosis and treatment units equipped with advanced medical technology devices.

Indoor Area of 28,000 m2

Medicana Sivas Hospital has a capacity of 291 inpatient beds, 7 operating theaters, 49 intensive care unit beds, 15 neonatal intensive care beds, 5 CVS intensive care beds, 4 coronary intensive care beds and 28 observation beds. Fulfilling drawback of bed availability in intensive care unit – a very significant problem in Central Anatolia- with developed, specific and high availability of intensive care units, Medicana Sivas Hospital meets people of Central Anatolia with medical services using state-of-the-art means in line with international quality at comfortable environments based on contractual relations with SGK (Social Security Institution). Our capacity has recently reached a capacity of 15 beds in neonatal intensive care unit thanks to physician and device investments. Thus, Medicana Sivas Hospital can fulfill a significant need by admitting patients not only from Central Anatolia, but also from many other regions.

First Patient Safety

As is the case with all hospitals of Medicana Health Group, patient-oriented service approach is adopted by Medicana Sivas Hospital and thus, comfort and quality are maximized at treatment locations. Patient rights, safety and requirements are prioritized. The aim is to provide evidence-based, up-to-date and highly qualified healthcare services by paying attention to advancements and ethical values.

Modern Service in All Departments

Medicana Sivas Hospital – designed as a general hospital- serves patients 24/7 in all medical departments. The hospital is designed to prioritize patient safety and comfort and to consider healthcare needs of the region and thus, the hospital is distinguished due to its location and means offered to citizens of the region.

  • Standard Room

    Medicana Sivas Hospital has 137 standard rooms designed to meet all needs of patients and family members. Our standard rooms fulfill basic needs of patients and relatives completely in a spacious room. Services available in our rooms include television, Internet and shower. The rooms include a two-seater sofa for patients’ companions to rest, an information brochure to inform patients and companions about risk of fall, and metal grab bars and emergency pull cords in toilets and bathrooms.

  • Suite Room

    Suites of Medicana Sivas Hospital are designed to be “as comfortable as your home” for meeting various needs of patients and companions; the rooms consist of two separate parts. In the specifically designed rooms, a separate room is available for the visitors. There is also a television in patient room for the patient and companions. There are only 6 suites, where all hygienic conditions are carefully fulfilled, and these rooms have a separate bathroom for companions along with a chair to rest. The nurse call button next to the patient’s bed, metal grab bars and emergency pull cords in toilets and bathrooms help prevention of falls.

Hotel Services

Single Rooms



Air conditioner

Room Service

Prayer Room


Dialysis Service

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Oral and Dental Health
  • Dermatology
  • Pediatrics
  • Neurosurgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pulmonary Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Gastroenterology
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Infectious Diseases

Serving patients from Sivas and nearby cities, Medicana Sivas Hospital is easily accessible from Nuri Demirağ Airport and it can be accessed by all municipality buses. The hospital is located at 1.7-km distance to bus terminal, 2.5-km distance to railroad terminal, 24-km distance to Nuri Demirağ Airport and 1.9-km distance to city center.

  • If you travel from Nuri Demirağ Airport

    Private Vehicle: You should only follow Erzincan road. Medicana Sivas Hospital will be at your left side 150 meters after you take a left turn after Police Department crossroad. Mass Transportation: The mass transportation vehicle, which you may get on at the airport, passes by our hospital.

  • If you travel from Sivas Bus Terminal

    Private vehicle; You should only follow Erzincan road. Medicana Sivas Hospital will be at your left side 150 meters after you take a left turn after Police Department crossroad. Mass Transportation: The mass transportation vehicle, which you may get on at the bus terminal, passes by our hospital.

  • If you travel from city center

    Mass Transportation: all buses you may get on will pass by our hospital. Private vehicle: drive from Atatürk Street to Police Department. The hospital will be at your right side 150 meters after the Aksu Bridge.

  • Parking Lot

    Our hospital has a parking lot capacity of 75 vehicles.

  • Cafeteria

    Cafeteria of the hospital delivers both cafeteria and food services.

  • Prayer Room

    Our hospital has a prayer room that is designed to meet needs of all religions and beliefs.

  • ATM

    ATMs of numerous banks, such as Akbank, Denizbank, Ziraat Bank, PTT and Işbank are present close to our hospital.

All of the medical technological equipment and services available at Medicana Sivas Hospital are listed below:

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The linear accelerator (Linac) is a device used in cancer treatment and can generate high-energy radiation. This device is crucial in radiotherapy treatment to destroy or control cancer cells. This method targets cancer cells during radiotherapy while minimizing damage to healthy tissues. Thanks to its dose control and effect features, Linac is a tool used to treat various types of cancer.

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1.5 Tesla MR

The 1.5 Tesla MRI imaging is a technological test that uses radio waves to capture detailed pictures of the body's internal organs. This test can detect diseases in various areas, such as the chest, abdomen, brain, lungs, knee, heart, and pelvis.

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Excimer Laser

The Excimer Laser is a tool designed for vision correction and adjusting refractive errors, including myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism, by altering the cornea's shape to an appropriate configuration. It is utilized to manage myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. This quickly applied device focuses on correcting eye abnormalities to remove the dependency on eyeglasses and contact lenses.

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DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) Digital Angiography

DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography) is used for detailed imaging of all the vessels in the body, allowing for the diagnosis of vascular diseases with the images obtained. This method can detect diseases such as narrowing, malformation, and fistulas in the vessels of different body areas, including the brain, abdominal region, skin, arms, and legs.

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Ultrasonography (US) is a method that uses sound waves to produce images. Many diseases can be diagnosed using an ultrasound device. This device, which does not involve radiation risk or side effects, does not cause any pain to the patient. Since ultrasonography does not involve radiation, patients do not experience unnecessary radiation exposure.

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Computed Tomography (CT)

Computed Tomography (CT) is an imaging method that uses special X-ray technology to create detailed pictures or scans of the inside of the body, combining X-ray images to form cross-sectional views of vessels, bones, and soft tissues.

Image title


Mammography is a radiological imaging method using low-dose rays for screening and diagnosing breast diseases, widely used for early breast cancer detection.

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X-ray visualizes the inside of the body, allowing for the imaging of bones and tissues. It plays a significant role in diagnosing many diseases and planning treatment processes.

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